Why Not Wear Two Golf Gloves

Golfers do not wear two golf gloves because they believe one glove will suffice. Golfers believe that the sweat from one hand will evaporate on the other hand and prevent any moisture build-up on the club. So if you have a question about “why not wear two golf gloves,” read this article.

A golfer's gloved hand is designed to grip the club tightly and control the swing. By wearing two gloves, the golfer effectively reduces their gripping power by 50%. In addition, because two gloves prohibit full use of the fingers, they can lead to more errors in the swing.

a golfer playing wear one gloves

A Golfer Playing Wear One Gloves

What Is The Purpose Of A Golf Glove?

There are many different reasons golfers might choose to use a golf glove. Some people think that it gives them a better grip on the club, while others believe that it helps protect their hands from the impact of the club head against the ball.

A golf glove can also help keep your hands warm on cold days; some people find it easier to control the club.

Why Not Wear Two Golf Gloves

There are many theories about why golfers do not wear two golf gloves. Such as-

It’s uncomfortable- The first reason is that it’s more challenging to grip the club with two gloves. Additionally, wearing two gloves can make your hands feel bulky and uncomfortable.

Less control- Golfers don’t wear two gloves because they would have less control over the ball. The first glove would restrict the hand and fingers’ movement, making it difficult to grip the club and hit the ball correctly.

Poor performance- One reason golfers do not wear two gloves is that it can lead to poor performance. With two gloves on, it becomes more challenging to feel the club in your hand and control the ball.

You’ll get too sweaty- It can cause a golfer’s hand to sweat too much. The extra glove will make their hands sweat more, making it harder to grip the club. Sweaty hands can also cause the club to slip, leading to a bad shot.

Less stability- When golfers swing a club, they use both hands to grip it. If they wore two gloves, it would be more challenging to grip the club and have less stability.

Can lead to muscle imbalances- Wearing two gloves when playing golf can lead to muscle imbalances, as each hand will have to work independently to control the club. This can create an inefficient swing. Additionally, wearing two gloves can cause pain and discomfort in the hands and wrists.

Expert’s Suggestions about One glove or Two Gloves

When It Makes Sense To Wear Two Golf Gloves

There is a time and place for everything, including wearing two golf gloves. Some golfers need to wear two gloves to achieve the best grip possible on the club. However, this is not always the case. There are a few instances where it may make more sense for a golfer to wear two gloves.

  • If you are a right-handed golfer and tend to grip the club too tightly, wearing two gloves may help you relax your grip.
  • Additionally, if you have very sweaty hands, wearing two gloves may help keep your hands dry.
  • However, wearing two gloves may make your hands even drier if you have very dry hands.

Whether or not you should wear two golf gloves depends on your circumstances.

Do Any Professional Golfers Use Two Gloves?

There are barely any professional golfers who will wear two gloves. The most famous one is Tommy Gainey. He got the name Tommy  Two Gloves  Gain because he always wears two gloves when playing golf. He started wearing them because his hands would get cold, but then he kept wearing them because he liked how they felt.

Some other professional golfers have tried wearing two gloves but didn’t like it and stopped doing it.


Golfers do not wear two golf gloves because it is unnecessary and can impair their performance. Wearing two gloves can make it difficult to grip the club correctly and can also lead to overheating. By wearing only one glove, golfers can ensure they have a good grip on the club and stay cool during their rounds.

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