Why Are Golf Clubs Different Lengths

Hey there! If you want to improve your golf game, you might wonder why golf clubs are different lengths. Well, the answer is actually pretty simple. Each club has a specific purpose. And the length of the club affects how well it can be used to hit the ball. Shorter clubs help people hit the ball further off the tee. Longer clubs are better for shots from tight angles. With that in mind, choosing the right club for your game and shooting style is important.¬†With this guide, you’ll learn about the different types of golf clubs and which length is best for you.

The Different Types Of Golf Clubs

There are basically four types of golf clubs: woods, iron, driver, and putter. Each one has its own specific purpose and is best used in different circumstances.

Woods are the most basic type of club. They’re good for hitting balls straight and minimizing your chances of losing strokes due to poor play. And they’re usually used for shots that require a little bit of precision or for short-range shots.

Iron clubs are good for shots that require more power than Woods clubs provide. They’re effective at quickly getting the ball out of the ground and promoting consistent shot-making.

Drivers are designed to help you hit long-range shots. They have a large head and are made to generate a lot of spin on the ball. This makes it easier to go far off target and still hit your target.

Putters are the most minor type of club, and they’re mainly used for putting things. They have a small head and thin shaft, which makes them easy to manoeuvre around obstacles on the green.

Which Length Of A Golf Club Is Best For You

There is no one right answer to this question, as it depends on your individual body shape and size and the type of golf you want to play. However, a general guideline would be to buy a club that’s shorter than your normal swing length and longer than your driving distance.

This means that if you’re a right-handed golfer who normally swings at around 85 cm (33 in), you should buy a club between 70 and 79 cm (27 and 31 in). If you’re a left-handed golfer who typically swings at around 65 cm (25 in), you should buy a club between 54 and 69 cm (21 and 27 in).

How A Golf Club’s Length Affects Its Performance

A golf club’s length affects its performance in a number of ways. First and foremost, it affects the amount of power that the club can generate. Longer clubs are able to generate more power than shorter clubs, which is why they’re often used by golfers who want to hit the ball further.

Another way in which a golf club’s length affects its performance is by affecting how far the ball will travel. A longer club will be able to hit the ball further than a shorter one, even if both clubs have the same swing speed. This is because a longer club has more mass and inertia, which allows it to carry more momentum through the swing.

Finally, a longer golf club will also be better at stopping short shots from going out of bounds. This is because it has more reach and can hit the ball harder than a shorter club can.


In case you’ve made up your mind already about which club size will suit you best when you buy new ones at a golf club shop or from an online store selling golf equipment! Don’t forget these points we talked about above! The rest can be handled by an expert who knows how your body works. Just make sure you get someone who has played with different people and knows every player’s body type well. This will ensure they select the right-sized clubs time after time without fail!

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