What Rangefinder Do Pro Golfers Use?

Do you play golf? If so, you’re likely familiar with rangefinders – precision instruments that help golfers hit the ball straight and far. But what golf rangefinder do professional golfers use? And how do they determine the distance to the target? In this article, we’ll answer these questions and more. We’ll also discuss the different types of rangefinders available on the market and how each can benefit your game. As well as let you know What rangefinder do pro golfers use? Ready to improve your game by understanding rangefinders used by professional golfers? Let’s get started!

Who Is Pro Golfer?

Pro golfer is a term used to describe someone considered the best at their sport. There are many different types of pro golfers, each with unique skills and strengths.

Some famous pro golfers include Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Dustin Johnson, and Rory McIlroy. These athletes have won numerous tournaments over the years and are considered among the best in the world.

How Do Rangefinders Help Pro Golfers Hit the Ball Straight and Far?

Pro golfers use rangefinders to help them hit the ball straight and far. The devices use trigonometry, or math involving angles, to calculate distances to targets. This information is then displayed on a screen or digital display, allowing golfers to judge their shot trajectory accurately.

By knowing the distance of their shots, pros can play more precise shots from anywhere on the course. They can also avoid hitting trees and other obstacles in their path – crucial skills for any golfer.

Why Pro Golfer Need Rangefinder?

A rangefinder is an essential piece of equipment for any professional golfer. It helps them to determine the exact distance to their target, no matter the conditions.

Rangefinders work by taking a picture of the target and calculating its distance in pixels. This information is then used to create a calibration point that the golfer can use as a reference when aiming. 

Without a golf rangefinder, it would be very difficult for a pro golfer to hit their shots accurately. They would constantly struggle with getting close enough to the target without hitting it, and missing shots would be common due to inaccurate targeting.

A rangefinder improves accuracy and allows pro golfers to practice at any time of day or night without fear of running into obstacles or losing sight of their target.

Types Of Golf Rangefinders

There are a few different types of golf rangefinders, and they all have their advantages and disadvantages. 

GPS Rangefinders: These are the most common type of rangefinder, and they use satellite technology to find your location. They’re great for beginners because they’re easy to use and provide accurate readings. However, GPS rangefinders can be slow in responding, so you may miss shots if the course is busy. 

Laser rangefinders: Laser rangefinders use a laser beam to measure distances, and they’re usually faster than GPS rangefinders. However, they don’t work well in thick woods or when it’s raining or snowing – conditions that frequently occur on golf courses. 

Radio-Frequency Rangefinders (RF): RF rangefinders use radio waves to locate objects and are the best option for precision shooting. They generally don’t suffer the same limitations as laser and GPS rangefinders, making them a good choice for professional golf players. RF rangefinders also have warranties that cover damage caused by water or weather conditions.

What rangefinder do pro golfers use?

Professional golfers use a few different rangefinders, but the most popular one is the Izzo Golf Range Finders. This rangefinder has a built-in GPS that allows tracking your shots on a course map and comparing them with your actual results. This can help you improve your swing based on the data collected.

Other popular rangefinders pro golfers include the Bushnell Golf Tour V5 Patriot Pack and the Nikon Coolshot 20 GII. Both of these models have features like big images and variable magnification levels, making them suitable for both short-range target shooting as well as long-range shooting.


So you’re wondering what rangefinder pro golfers use. Well, it turns out that they mainly use the ones with a large angle of view and optical zoom lenses.

This is because these models offer better detail on the greens and are thus easier to read. Does this mean that these rangefinders are also accurate? No, not at all! Some of them aren’t as accurate as others because of the inaccurate sensor technology used in manufacturing them. If you want an accurate rangefinder for your golfing endeavors, opt for one certified by an independent benchmarking agency such as Gtek Labs or the National Golf Research Lab (NGRL).

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