What Is The Rule Of 85 In Golf?

Ever wondered what the rule of 85 is in golf? Or how it affects your game? Well, wonder no longer! In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about the rule of 85 and how it can affect your game. We’ll also give you tips on applying them to your golfing skills. So whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, read about the rule of 85 in golf!

What is the rule of 85 in golf?

The rule of 85 is a golfing principle that states that you should never hit the ball more than 85 yards from the flagstick.

This rule is designed to help golfers play safely and avoid putting undue pressure on themselves. It also helps them save shots by making it difficult for the opponent to reach the green in time. 

The rule of 85 has been in place for over 100 years. It’s still considered one of the essential principles in golf. It’s often used when two golfers are tied together at the end of a hole, and one must make an extra shot to win.

How does it work?

The rule of 85 states that a player can take no more than 85 yards from the tee box with each shot. This is usually abbreviated to R.O.I. (rules of golf). 

This rule was designed to make the game more challenging and slow down play, forcing players to hit their shots closer to the green. It’s also meant to promote strategic planning and decision-making. So that players don’t simply pull off long shots without thinking about what else they could do on the hole. 

There are a few ways that you can break this rule:

If you’re within 25 yards of the green, you can take any number of steps back and hit your ball.

If you’re within 50 yards of the green, you can take one step back and hit your ball.

Or, if you’re within 100 yards of the green, you can take two steps back and hit your ball.

How is the rule of 85 calculated?

The rule of 85 is a golf rule that states that a golfer can take no more than 85% of the available clubface during their swing. This ensures they hit the ball squarely and far enough for a good shot.

This rule is based on the theory that the human brain cannot simultaneously process more than 85% of all information. When a golfer takes too much swing energy, their brain tries to compensate by processing other information (like where their feet are about the target) instead of focusing on hitting the ball properly. This can lead to poor shots and even missed opportunities. 

So, by following the rule of 85, golfers can minimize their chances of making mistakes and putting themselves in jeopardy on the greens. It’s essential reading for anyone looking to improve their game!

Why is it important?

If you’ve ever played golf, then you’re probably familiar with rule 85. This rule allows players to hit an incorrect shot if they can prove that it’s not their opponent’s turn. For example, if your opponent is on the green and you believe it would be unfair to hit them with a ball out of bounds, you can hit it instead.

This rule is essential because it provides a way for players to resolve disputes without having to resort to physical violence. It also helps create a sense of fairness and balance in the game since everyone has an equal chance at winning.

Though rule 85 may not seem like much, it’s one of the most essential rules in golf because it ensures that the game remains fair and balanced. Without it, things could get pretty chaotic pretty quickly!

Examples of when to use the rule of 85 in golf

The rule of 85 is a guideline that helps golfers calculate how many strokes they need to make to finish in a particular position. It’s based on the average number of strokes it takes for a golfer to hole out from a given distance.

For example, if you’re playing 18 holes and you want to finish in the middle of the pack. You would use the rule of 85 and figure out that it would take about 85 shots for you to finish. This means that if you make your first eight shots easy. Then the last five should be more challenging so that you can reach your goal. 

The rule of 85 is an essential guideline because it allows golfers to save strokes by playing within their limits. By using this rule, they can avoid making needless mistakes and still have a chance at winning.


The rule of 85 is one which golfers use to estimate the distance. Setting up your shot by lining up 20% of your club and then hitting it translates to a ball traveling 85 feet. So, when you are trying to calculate how far the ball will fly from your swing, multiply 85 by what percentile you’re in and adjust accordingly so that you hit the fairway every time.

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