Pinned Golf Rangefinder Review

Do you golf often and find it frustrating to find the right club for the right shot? Have you ever been at the range only to find that the golfers ahead of you have driven their golf balls well beyond the rangefinder’s visual range? If so, you’re not alone! Most golfers find themselves in this situation at one point or another, and the solution is often a pinned golf rangefinder.

A pinned golf rangefinder is specifically calibrated to the range conditions at the golf course where it is being used. Even if the rangefinder is installed at a short distance from the golf ball marker, it can still provide accurate readings. A pinned golf rangefinder can make all the difference in accurate shots on the golf course. So what are you waiting for? Grab a pinned golf rangefinder and start teeing off with confidence!

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  • Very Lightweight, Only 1.2 Lbs.
  • It Is Safe From Water Because Of the Water Resistant Feature
  • They Are Legal In Tournament.
  • Long-time Run With Single Charge.
  • Not To Buy Another Battery.
  • Attractive Desing With Lots Of Color.
  • Perfect Gift Item For Gents And Ladies Golfer.
  • Specially Designed For Golf Players.


  • The Price Is a Little Bit High Compared To Other Brands On The Market.
  • Not Provide 100% Accurate Results For Sometimes.
pinned rangefinder

What is a Pinned Golf Rangefinder?

Playing golf can be a great way to spend a weekend or even a weekday morning. But before you can even tee off, you must find the right rangefinder. A pinned golf rangefinder is a device that helps golfers hit the ball straight and far. It’s like a golf GPS, but it’s attached to the golf ball, so it can stay in the same spot and give you accurate distances for your shots.

There are many different types of golf rangefinders on the market, so it’s important to find one that will fit your needs and budget. If you’re a beginner, getting a pinned golf rangefinder is especially important, as it will help you hit the ball straight and far and improve your accuracy. So go out and find the perfect pinned golf rangefinder for your game, and enjoy the golfing experience to the fullest!

How does a Pinned Golf Rangefinder work?

A Pinned Golf Rangefinder is a device that uses satellite technology to locate the position of a marker on the golf course. This helps you to play at your best by providing accurate distance information for your shots.

The rangefinder works by receiving signals from several satellites orbiting Earth. These satellites send out signals reflected by the rangefinder when they pass over certain markers on the golf course. The rangefinder then uses this information to determine your approximate distance from the marker.

Depending on how good the reception is, the rangefinder may be able to provide readings as close as 10 yards or as far away as 600 yards. This allows you to take accurate shots in difficult areas or under difficult conditions, such as heavy rain or darkness.

pinned golf rangefinder

What are the top features of a Pinned Golf Rangefinder?

A pinned golf rangefinder is the perfect option if you’re looking for a golf rangefinder to help you improve your game. It has features that make it easier and faster to hit the ball straight – like Pinpoint Focus and slope Technology. The included scorecard makes keeping track of your scores easy and fun. Overall, a pinned golf rangefinder is an excellent choice for any golfer looking to improve their game. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a pinned golf rangefinder today!


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USB Rechargeable

This is a rechargeable golf range finder. You can charge it using a USB cable. Battery included, so there is no need to buy it again. It will run 60 minutes if you change it to only 45 minutes.


Color is an important factor when selecting a golf rangefinder. While models are available in almost any color imaginable, some rangefinders have GPS capabilities for even more accuracy. Check out our reviews if you’re looking for the best golf rangefinder! We have various options to choose from that cover every budget and need.


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Is a Pinned Golf Rangefinder better than Blue Tees?

A pinned golf rangefinder is a rangefinder that has been specially designed to help you improve your accuracy when playing golf. It works by using laser technology to map out the outline of the ball as it is hit, so you can make better decisions about where to hit it.

Blue tees are usually used in tournaments because they provide a consistent and predictable shot for the player. However, pinned golf rangefinders are often seen as a better option for amateurs who want to improve their accuracy. They argue that blue tees can be difficult to hit because they don’t offer many variations in terms of distance.

Pinned golf rangefinders, on the other hand, allow you to change your aim based on how far you think the ball will travel. This means you can hit more shots closer to the pin than blue tees, resulting in a higher score.

Why should you buy a Pinned Golf Rangefinder?

If you’re looking for a quality golf rangefinder, you should consider buying a Pinned Golf Rangefinder. They offer amazing accuracy and precision that can’t be beaten and are also very easy to use.

First, a Pinned Golf Rangefinder uses laser technology to generate precise distance readings. This means that it can give you accurate readings even in difficult terrain or when the light is low. Secondly, it has a built-in speedometer to track your progress while playing. And lastly, its rugged construction ensures it will stand up to the test of time.

Overall, a Pinned Golf Rangefinder is worth considering if you’re in the market for a quality golf rangefinder.

Where is pinned Golf located?

Pinned Golf is a location-tracking app that uses GPS to help golfers improve their game.

To use pinned Golf, you simply install the app on your phone and sign in. Once logged in, you can start tracking your progress by hitting the green and recording how far you hit each ball. You can also see information about the balls you hit, including where they went and how much distance they covered.

Pinned Golf is available for iPhone and Android devices and free to use!


After reading this pinned golf rangefinder review, you will know all you need about the Pinned Golf Rangefinder. This rangefinder device uses laser technology to track the target golf ball. It is best used for golfers who are looking for an accurate rangefinder that doesn’t require a lot of practice to use.

Additionally, the rangefinder has several top features that make it a great choice for golfers of all experience levels. If you’re looking for an accurate rangefinder that won’t require much practice, check out the Pinned Golf Rangefinder!

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