How You Can Cure The Yips In Golf

It’s surprising how many golfers struggle with the yips. Some are able to cure their own yips while others have to turn to a golf instructor or for some assistance. Regardless of what you plan on doing, you should be able to read this article and pick up some tips. These tips will help you limit the chance that the yips will occur again.

Keep a relaxed grip on the club that can help golfers cure the yips. Focus on your target and not on the ball. When you’re focused on the ball, it’s easy to start worrying about making contact and lose your concentration.

What is the yips?

The yips describe a golfing affliction characterized by sudden, uncontrollable shaking of the hands or arms. The cause is unknown, but speculation ranges from nervousness to brain damage. The yips usually surface during the middle of a round and can last for minutes or hours. They often lead to dropped shots and poor performance. There is no cure and no effective treatment available, but some people report that practicing patience and mindfulness helps them cope.

How You Can Cure the Yips in Golf

If you’re one of the millions of people who suffer from the yips, you know how debilitating they can be. But there’s good news: You can cure the yips in golf, and it doesn’t involve a miracle cure or any expensive equipment. All you need is some practice and patience. Here are some steps to curing the yips: 

Practice Your Swing Regularly

The more you practice, the more comfortable you’ll become with hitting shots. If you struggle with the yips, break out your club and practice at home.

golfer practicing their swing

Golfers Practicing Their Swing

Don’t Overthink Things

The yips are a neurological disorder that affects how a person performs specific movements. It is usually caused by a lack of muscle control and can be cured with exercises and physical therapy. Overthinking things can also cause the yips, so it is essential to try and simplify your life to avoid getting stuck in this cycle.

Find a Good Swing Coach

A good coach can help you fine-tune your swing and eliminate any inconsistencies that may be causing your hands to shake. Coaching can also help improve your overall game by teaching you how to play under pressure and cope with nerves.

Practice Your Putting

Putting is a critical aspect of the game of golf and can be the difference between making a putt and missing one. There are many different ways to improve your putting, but one of the simplest is to practice your putting. Putting practice can help cure the yips and make you a better putter.

Please Make Sure You Have Good Golf Gear

Golfers with the yips often don’t hit the ball as far as they would like, or worse, they hit the ball into the woods. If you’re experiencing this issue, it’s essential to have the right golf gear to cure your yips.

Get a Good Golf Club

Golfers who suffer from the yips may find relief with a good golf club. Golfers can improve their accuracy and distance with a good club, curing the yips. There are many golf clubs to choose from, and each one has its benefits. It is essential to find a comfortable club that fits your swing. Proper fitting of a golf club is necessary for curing the yips in golf.

Take Care of Your Body

One of the most important things is maintaining a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water, and exercising regularly. Golfers should also avoid overusing their hands and wrists and focus on using good posture when playing.

Improve Your Posture

Improving your golf posture can help heal the yips. Proper posture enables you to stay upright when swinging, and it also keeps your spine aligned, which can reduce the risk of injury. Additionally, good posture can help you keep your head down during your swing, leading to better control and less erratic shots.

Focus on Your Takeaway

Golfers experiencing yips in their swing can often feel lost and frustrated. The golfer can find a treatment for the yips by focusing on the takeaway for the golf swing. Players should keep their hands and clubface square to the target, maintain a consistent backswing path, and use an open stance with a tall spine.

Take a Golf Lesson From a Professional

Golfers everywhere are familiar with the yips – that sudden, uncontrollable shaking of the hands or arms that causes the ball to fly off the clubface. But what few know is that Golfer can cure this affliction with a bit of help from a professional golfer.

a golfer taking golf lesson from a professional

A Golfer Taking Golf Lesson From A Professional

Buy a Good Golf Club

Golfers are often advised to buy a good golf club to cure. However, not all golf clubs are created equal. Choosing the wrong club can make the yips worse. 

History: How did The Yips Develop?

The yips are a neurological disorder that has been plaguing golfers for centuries. Many people don’t even know what the yips are, let alone how to cure them. The yips are a repetitive movement disorder (RMD) that affects the hands and arms. The cause of the yips is unknown, but it is believed to be linked to abnormalities in the brain’s nervous system. 

Symptoms: What are The Telltale Signs that You Might Have The Yips?

Golfers often experience musculoskeletal symptoms, collectively known as the “yips.” The yips are a neurological condition that causes golfers to lose control of their arm and hand muscles. The most common symptom is a sudden and uncontrollable loss of muscle control, usually during a golf swing. Other symptoms may include difficulty making a correct swing, jerking motions, and an inability to grip the club.

If you’re one of the many golfers diagnosed with the yips, you know what it’s like: a sudden inability to hit a fair ball. And while there is no surefire cure for the yips, some telltale signs can help you identify whether or not you’re suffering from this debilitating condition. Here are some of them:

  1. You’re constantly struggling to hit the ball far.
  2. You find yourself continually gripping your club more tightly than usual.
  3. During swings, you have trouble maintaining your tempo and rhythm, resulting in poor performance on long holes.
  4. You often swing uncontrollably, producing weak shots. The ball doesn’t even go close to the green.
  5. Your handicap has increased significantly despite your best efforts to fight off the yips.
  6. You keep trying new techniques, but they don’t seem to be helping.
  7. You’re not enjoying playing golf anymore because of how frustrating it is to hit the ball well.
  8. When you manage to hit a good shot, it feels like a lucky fluke – and not something that you can consistently do.
  9. Your performance on course is steadily declining, even though you’ve been playing for years now.
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How to Get Rid of the Yips in your Golf Game

Treatment Methods for Yips in Golf

The most popular methods are stretching, a golf club simulator, and a personal trainer. 

Stretching is an essential part of treatment and should be done daily. Golfers should stretch their hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, and back muscles. 

Golf simulator therapy is another standard method used to treat yips. Golf simulators help golfers practice the correct swing mechanics without hitting an absolute ball. 

Personal trainers can also be a valuable tool for treating yips. A personal trainer can help golfers with flexibility and strength exercises to improve their stroke.

At The End

The yips can be detrimental to anyone, so it’s always best to take action when you can. Trying out some of the above-listed treatments, as well as trying to maintain a positive mindset, are all good ways How You Can Cure the Yips in Golf, as they can all help at least somewhat.

As for me personally, I’ve never been affected by the yips personally (knock on wood), but I do know people who have struggled with this. I’ve seen their struggle first hand. They say it’s a mental block; if that’s the case – and I believe it is – you need to get mentally prepared. You need to break down whatever negative connotations you associate with your stroke. Because in reality, the yips are simply a technical problem that you can solve with a mental solution.

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