How To Throw A Roller In Disc Golf?

When it comes to playing disc golf, one of the most important tools you’ll need is a roller. This simple device helps you control your shots, and is essential for making accurate putting and striking. In this article, we’ll teach you how to throw a roller in disc golf – from the basics to more advanced techniques. So whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, our guide will help you get the most out of your roller.

What Is a Roller?

A roller is a small, circular object that is used to hit the golf ball more consistently. It can be made from different materials, such as rubber or plastic. It is important to use the right size roller for your hand and the distance you want to throw the golf ball.

How To Throw A Roller In Disc Golf

To throw a roller in disc golf, you first need to determine your throwing distance and the size of the roller that will work best for you. You can then practice hitting the ball with the roller at this distance until it feels natural.

Once you have mastered these basics, learn how to use your roller more effectively by practicing these four techniques:

1) Anchoring: When anchoring, use your left hand to put pressure on top of the ball as you release it from your right hand. This helps keep the backspin on the ball and gives it more stability when hit.

2) Power Stroke: When throwing the roller with power, use your whole body to create more momentum. This will help you fly the ball further and straighter.

3) Spin: Use spin to control how high or low the roller flies in flight. Be sure to impart some spin when you release the ball so it stays on course.

4) Flick Shots: A flick shot is a particularly effective way of cheating in disc golf by using your hand movement and wrist flick to send the roller flying into orbit.

The Proper Way To Grip A Disc For A Roller

It can be a little tricky to grip a disc for a roller the right way, but there are some simple guidelines that you can follow. First and foremost, make sure that your hand is positioned at shoulder height. And slightly in front of the center of the target. Your fingers should also be flexed so that they touch each other closely while your thumb is pointing away from the spinning object.

Finally, keep your wrists neutral – don’t curl them towards your palms or push them outwards! And use just enough pressure to ensure good contact between your hand and the disc.

Why Throw A Roller In Disc Golf?

There are a few reasons why you might want to throw a roller in disc golf. One reason is that rollers can help you get more distance on your shots. They give your discs more speed and stability! Which means you can hit them harder and still have them curve in the correct direction.

Another reason is that rollers make it easier to control your shots. They reduce the amount of spin that your discs take on, which makes them more consistent and easier to hit straight. In addition, they make it much easier to get close to the green – even if you’re shooting in difficult wind conditions.

Finally, rollers can also help improve your accuracy. This is because they create a cushion between the ground and your disc! Which gives you a little bit of extra time to react before the disc hits the ground.

When to throw a roller in disc golf?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as it depends on many factors. However, some general guidelines that can help you decide when to throw a roller in disc golf are as follows:

  • If you’re playing in an area where there’s a lot of tree coverage and the ground is wet, it’s generally a good idea to avoid throwing rollers. This is because they’ll get stuck in the mud and will be difficult to retrieve.
  • If you’re playing in an area with lots of open space, rollers can be used to improve your accuracy and distance. Just be sure that you don’t overuse them – going too heavy will wear out your disc quickly.
  • Finally, if you’re playing with someone else and they’ve thrown a roller, it’s always polite to offer help retrieving it.


The question is- how to throw a roller in disc golf? Well, like any other throwing technique in disc golf, it involves proper form and lots of practice. Having practiced this swinging motion hundreds of times already we can say that it becomes easier with time. Not only do you have to get used to the new grip but also your body’s motion. Also, keep in mind not to speed up too much while throwing because you might lose control over the disc.

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