How To Put Christmas Lights On Golf Cart

In the spirit of the holidays, adding a little bit of festive cheer to your home can be as easy as installing some Christmas lights on a golf cart. Not only are these decorations easy to set up, but they can also be fun to watch as you drive around your neighborhood. If you’re feeling particularly creative, why not pair these festive lights with festive decorations like wreaths or gingerbread houses? In this article, we’ll tell you how to put it on a golf cart.

You will need some light strands, tape, and scissors. First, cut the light strands to the desired length and then use the tape to attach the lights to the golf cart. Ensure the lights are facing in the desired direction before taping them down.

5 Tips To Put Christmas Lights On Golf Cart

Follow these simple tips to Put Lights on a golf cart properly:

Choose The Right Lights

A golf cart can be a great way to get around your neighborhood or the local area, but you need to make sure you choose the right lights for it. You don’t want to look like a fool with flashing Christmas lights on your golf cart, so here are some tips on putting them on.

First of all, make sure that you have the right kind of lights. Using traditional lights, you’ll need wire and connector accessories. If you’re using LED lights, all you need are the lights themselves and a power source.

Decorate The Exterior

Putting up lights on your golf cart is a fun way to add extra holiday cheer. There are several different ways to do it, so find one that works best for you.

Key things to keep in mind when decorating your golf cart include placement and brightness. Lights should be placed where they will be easy to see but not so bright that they are distracting or dangerous. Brightness should be adjusted according to the conditions outside – in direct sunlight, for instance, brighter lights will be necessary; lower-intensity lights will work best in an evening or night setting.

christmas lights on a golf cart

Use Lights Inside

You can also use the lights inside your golf cart to create a festive atmosphere. The first thing you’ll need is some wire ornaments. You can find these at any hardware store or online. Ensure that the ornament’s size corresponds with the wire used in your lighting system. Once you have your decorations, it’s time to get started!

To set up your lights inside your cart, start by tying one end of each light string to the front tire of the cart. Then, tie each ornament onto one end of the string.

Test The Lights

After doing all these, test the lights and celebrate Christmas! It is a must before you go ahead and put up your Lights on the golf cart. Ensure everything is working correctly, from the power source to the wiring.

And don’t forget to test each light one by one to make sure they’re all working. Once everything is checked and perfect, it’s time to show off your festive decor!

Safety Tips

When using lights on your golf cart, be sure to take into account the risks involved. Some of these risks include: driving under the influence, getting stuck between trees or brush, and running into other vehicles or objects.

Safety should always be your top priority. Here are some tips to keep you and your passengers safe:

1. Always use a properly rated light. Make sure the light you use is appropriate for the task. A small LED light typically used for biking or driving may not be strong enough for use on a golf cart.

2. Use caution when turning around. Be aware of what is behind you, and stay within your sight line while turning.

3. Don’t rely on the lights to guide you home – always drive according to your headlights and streetlights.

4. Check batteries regularly and replace them if they begin to fail or if the light becomes too dim or fuzzy to see clearly.

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A Golf Cart in The Parking Lot of The Church

How To Connect Christmas Lights To A Golf Cart

One way to connect Christmas lights to a golf cart is by using a converter. The converter will change the voltage from 120 volts to 12 volts, the voltage the lights need to function. The converter can be plugged into an outlet in the wall and then plugged into the golf cart. The other end of the converter will have a set of Christmas lights attached.

Another Way To connect lights to a golf cart, one must first find the 12-volt battery that powers the cart. The battery’s positive terminal is typically marked with a “+” sign, while the negative terminal is generally marked with a “-” symbol. One must find the wire leading from the light string’s power plug connected to the battery’s positive terminal. This wire is typically red.

Style: Different Ways To Style Your Christmas Lights On A Golf Cart

Looking for a way to spruce up your golf cart for Christmas? Check out these different style options!

1. Festive Tree: Hang festive ornaments from your golf cart’s roof or front bumper. You can also create a “forest” of lights by grouping them and suspending them from sturdy wire frames.

2. Holiday Wreath: Trim a large wreath made of greenery (or artificial holiday plants) and suspend it from your golf cart’s rearview mirror using thin, flexible wire rods. Hang smaller wreaths on the front and side bumpers.

3. Swirling Lights: Create an attractive light show by positioning small LED lights inside clear plastic balls or eggs, then suspending them from sturdy wire frames. Or try wrapping colorful ribbons around thin wires to create a more subtle effect.

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Accessories: What Else You Can Add To Your Christmas Light Golf Cart

Looking to spruce up your Christmas light golf cart even more? Check out these accessories that can add a bit of extra sparkle! These accessories can help make your Christmas light golf cart even more unique and enjoyable:

1. Festive Flag Ornaments: These can be attached to the roof or front bumper of your cart to add some extra cheer.

2. LED Flashing Lights: These are perfect for adding a little extra pizzazz to your cart at night or when driving in low-light conditions.

3. A Set Of Horns: Whether you need a pair for yourself or a gift for someone else, this is an easy and affordable way to jazz up your cart.

4. A Festive Santa Hat: A Santa Claus hat is a must for any Christmas light golf cart driver. Not only will this accessory make you look festive, but it will also add an element of fun and excitement to your game. It is also a great way to attract other drivers who might be out on the course at night.


Putting Christmas lights on your golf cart is a fun and easy task that anyone can do in just a few minutes. Follow the above simple steps, and you’ll enjoy the festive season in no time!

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