How To Paint A Golf Cart Roof

A golf cart roof is a metal or plastic cover that attaches to the top of a golf cart. It helps to keep the driver and passengers cool in summer and warm in winter. Moreover, it can also be used as an advertising platform, providing an unobstructed view of the business or organization’s logo or message. When it’s time to paint a golf cart, you should also paint the roof. In this article, we will tell you how to do it in very easy ways.

How To Paint A Golf Cart Roof

To paint your golf cart roof, you need to make some preparation. Preparing the golf cart roof for painting is an important step in the overall process. However, here are a few tips to help you get started:

Preparation To Paint A Golf Cart Roof

1. Firstly, remove any debris or loose material from the area to be painted. It will help avoid any paint spills or messes.

2. Secondly, wipe down the entire surface with a clean rag or cloth to remove any dirt, dust, or oils that may have accumulated over time.

3. Thirdly, if necessary, use a degreaser to remove grease or oil from the surface.

4. Allow the area to dry completely before proceeding.

5. Trace around any edges and protrusions on the surface with a pencil or marker to ensure accuracy when preparing the paint later on.

a golfer painting his golf cart roof

A Golfer Painting His Golf Cart Roof

Necessary Tools

Painting a golf cart roof can be a fun and easy project for the handyman or woman. The following tools and supplies are necessary:

  • Paintbrush/Color Spray Vinyl
  • Tape measure
  • Paint (mineral, flat, or polyurethane)
  • Sandpaper (220-grit paper)
  • Ruler or straight edge -Stiff-bristled brush

Process Of Paint A Golf Cart Roof

Painting a golf cart roof step by step can be fun, and it doesn’t require any special skills. Here are some simple steps to painting a golf cart roof:

1. At first, start by priming the surface with a coat of primer. This will help the paint stick to the surface.

2. Choose your paint color, and apply it using a brush or roller, or Color Spray Vinyl. Be sure to evenly cover the surface. Use a foam roller to smooth out the primer.

3. Next, add some highlights and shadows with light and dark colors, respectively. Experiment with different techniques to get the look you want.

4. Fourthly, to finish off the roof, use an applicator to add decals or stripes if desired.

5. Finally, let the paint dry completely before applying any sealants or topcoats.

Credit: Erik’s RC DIY and 3D

Tips For Painting A Golf Cart Roof

Here are some tips for painting a golf cart roof:

  • Get the right primer. A good primer will help the paint stick to the surface and protect it from weathering.
  • Choose the right paint color. Make sure the color you choose matches your vehicle’s exterior paint job well, or your golf cart will look out of place.
  • Prep the surface well. Before painting, ensure the surface is free of dust, dirt, and other debris that can get in the way of the paint job.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for painting a golf cart roof, as these will vary depending on the model.
  • Allow the paint to dry completely before proceeding to any other tasks on the cart, such as installing new hardware or graphics.
  • Finish up with a good coat of sealant if desired.
  • Finally, clean up any messes made during painting using a good quality cleaner and a soft cloth.

What To Keep In Mind When Painting

Painting a golf cart roof can be a fun project for the car enthusiast, but there are a few things to remember before starting. Here are some key cautions:

  1. Be sure to get the painting done in a well-ventilated area; paint fumes can be harmful if inhaled.
  2. Use proper safety gear when working with paint and other chemicals; avoid getting them on your skin or clothes.
  3. Ensure the surface is dry and free of oil or other contaminants.
  4. Always use quality paint and primer, and don’t apply too much pressure when painting.
  5. Always use a brush rather than a roller when applying paint to the cart’s surface; this will help prevent swirls and bubbles on the surface.
  6. Make sure that all seams and corners are sealed with painters’ tape before painting begins to protect them from water damage and staining.


Now that we’ve covered the basics of how to paint a golf cart roof, you can use this information to help repaint your own. To do so successfully, you’ll need to take your time, obtain the appropriate supplies, and follow this guide’s advice carefully. But if you do, your finished product should look great — on much sturdier legs too!

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