How To Clean A Golf Rangefinder

If you play golf, you know that one of the core aspects of the game is using a golf rangefinder. However, if your rangefinder starts to give you trouble, it can be a hassle to take it in for repair or to clean it. This article will teach you how to clean a golf rangefinder yourself without taking it in for repair or spending too much time on it.

To clean a golf rangefinder, first, remove the battery and lens cover. Next, unscrew the back panel and remove the optics. Wipe down the inside of the lens with a dry cloth and outside of the whole rangefinder. Repeat the process if necessary. Finally, screw the back panel back on and replace the battery and lens cover.

What Is A Golf Rangefinder, And What Do They Do?

Golf rangefinders are an instrument used to help players hit the ball straight and far. Rangefinders use a variety of sensors, such as an IR illuminator and a laser rangefinder, to determine the distance to the golf ball. Players can then use the rangefinder to calculate the clubhead speed and direction.

There are several different types of rangefinders on the market, each with its specific features. Some rangefinders can be attached to a golf club, while others require a handheld. Some rangefinders can also be used for hunting, while others designed for golfing. A rangefinder is essential for any golfer’s arsenal regardless of its specific purpose. The price of a rangefinder is different. If your budget is low, then you can check Rangerfinder costs under 300

How To Clean A Golf Rangefinder

There are many things that you need to keep your golf rangefinder clean for it to function correctly. Cleaning the rangefinder will help prevent damage and keep your instrument working.

disassembly golf rangefinder for cleaning

Disassembly Golf Rangefinder For Cleaning

Some Steps On How to Clean A Golf Rangefinder:

  • Remove the battery cap
  • Locate and remove the waste compartment
  • Remove the lens cover
  • Clean the lenses
  • Clean the scope mount
  • Rinse the rangefinder under running water using a soft cloth or a lens brush
  • Dry the rangefinder with a soft cloth or a lens brush
  • Reinstall the lens cover and battery cap
  • Clean the view screen
  • Clean the body

Cleaning The Golf Rangefinder Lenses And Screen

Cleaning the lenses and screen on your golf rangefinder is a simple task that can help keep your device functioning optimally. Follow these tips to get the job done quickly and easily: 

  1. Make sure you have all of the necessary supplies before beginning. You will need a soft cloth, rubbing alcohol, and a lens cleaning wipe.
  2. Clean the lenses first by wiping them clean with a soft cloth. Be careful not to scratch them! Then, use the lens cleaning wipes to clean any smudges or fingerprints accumulated on the surface.
  3. Wipe down the screen with a soft cloth if it appears dirty. Remember to avoid using harsh chemicals or water on the screen itself – this could damage it permanently.

How To Clean The Inside Of Lenses If It Gets Dirty

Cleaning the inside of golf rangefinder lenses if they get dirty:

1. If you notice that the inside of your lens is getting dirty, the first thing you should do is rinse it off with water. 

2. Next, use a cotton swab to apply a mild detergent solution to the inside of the lens. 

3. Wipe off any suds with a cloth and dry the lens completely. 

4. If necessary, repeat Step 2 to remove any dirt or residue that may still be present. 

5. Finally, place a drop of clear sealant on each optical surface of your lens and allow it to dry for at least 24 hours before using your rangefinder again.

cleaning golf rangefinder's lens

Cleaning Golf Rangefinder’s Lens

Regular Maintenance On A Golf Rangefinder Parts

Regular maintenance is essential on any golf rangefinder, but some parts require more attention. Here are the four components that typically need more care:

The lens assembly: The rangefinder gathers information about the distances to targets. Clean it with a cloth or cleaning agent regularly to keep it performing.

The electronic circuitry: This controls all of the rangefinder’s functions and needs to be kept free from dust and other contaminants to keep it running correctly.

The battery pack: Battery pack stores energy so that the rangefinder can operate. If it’s not in use, remove the battery pack and store it in a cool, dry place to preserve its life.

Display: The display shows you information about your shots, including how far away each target is.

What The Results Of Cleaning Your Golf Rangefinder Should Be

Cleaning your golf rangefinder should be done every time you use it. Here are the results of a clean rangefinder:

  1. Your image will be sharper and brighter.
  2. The scans will be more accurate because there will be less interference from dirt and debris on the lens. 
  3. The batteries will last longer because they won’t have to work as hard to produce an image. 
  4. You won’t experience any loss of focusing or tracking ability when cleaning the rangefinder’s lens.
  5. There won’t be any lines or streaks across the screen, so your optics are in good condition and need no repair or adjustment. 
  6. It is essential to properly clean the rangefinder’s mirror to avoid any optical distortions or error messages from appearing on the viewfinder screen. 
  7. After cleaning, it is always good to lubricate all moving parts with a drop of oil or grease to keep them running smoothly and error-free for years to come. 
  8. Overall, your golf game will improve because you’ll get better accuracy with each shot, and you’ll save battery life in the process too!


It is all about how to clean a golf rangefinder. Cleaning a golf rangefinder is easy and anyone with some standard cleaning supplies. Make sure to clean the optics and mirrors regularly to maintain accurate readings. And lastly, don’t forget to dust the rangefinder often to keep it working smoothly.

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