How Much Do Golf Clubs Weigh For Shipping

Golf club shipping can be daunting for even the most experienced golfer. Senders must protect clubs from moisture, damage, and other elements while in transit. This is where the best golf club shipping companies come in. They take care of all the details so that your clubs arrive safely and in good condition. If you are wondering how much golf clubs weigh for shipping, then this article is for you.

Each club weighs between 1 and 2 pounds, so it is important to account for the weight when shipping them.

How Much Do Golf Clubs Typically Weigh?

Industry experts assert that most weights range between 0 and 1 pound. There are 49.3 pounds (30 kilograms) of that, which represents 33.2 pounds (17 kilograms) in total. The weight is 463.2 kilograms (22 pounds) in total.

How Much Do Golf Clubs Weigh For Shipping

How much do golf clubs weigh for shipping? That’s a question that golfers ask frequently. Clubs can weigh anywhere from 1-2 pounds, with the average weight around 1 pound. However, the actual weight of a golf club will vary depending on its size and make.

Most clubs will fit into a small box or bag, so they won’t take up too much space when shipped. However, if your club is large or unusual in shape, it might require extra packaging to ensure it arrives in good condition. Additionally, the sender may need to wrap some clubs in multiple layers of tissue paper or bubble wrap to avoid damage during shipping.

Overall, how much a golf club weighs will depend on its size and make.

different golf clubs

Different Golf Clubs

What Are The Different Types Of Clubs That Weigh The Most

There are many different types of golf clubs that weigh the most. The three most common golf clubs that weigh the most are wooden clubs, iron clubs, and titanium irons.

Manufacturers made Wooden clubs out of wood, which weigh the most because they are the heaviest type of club. 

On the other hand, iron clubs’ material is iron, and they weigh the most because they are the strongest. 

Also, Titanium irons are made with titanium, and they weigh the most because they are the lightest type of club.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Golf Club

Shipping a golf club can be expensive. Depending on the type of club and the destination, shipping can cost anywhere from $10 to $100 or more. Here are some factors that will influence the price:

  • The weight of the club
  • The distance from the destination
  • The size and shape of the club
  • The shipping method chosen

Club weights vary considerably, with light clubs costing less to ship than heavy clubs. Clubs that are heavier or larger will also cost more to ship. Distance is also a factor; clubs that need to be shipped long distances (to another state or country) will typically cost more than those that don’t. Club size and shape can also affect shipping costs. For example, a driver will weigh more than a 3-wood, so it will cost more to ship it via FedEx than UPS.

How To Measure Golf Clubs For Shipping

When it comes time to order golf clubs for shipment, most golfers simply enter the club’s length and width into a search engine. However, there is a more accurate way to measure golf clubs for shipping that takes into account the club’s length and width and its loft and lie.

To measure a golf club for shipping, you need to find its “swing weight.” This is the weight of the club when swung at full power. To determine how much swing weight your golfer requires, use this formula: swing weight (lbs) = club length (inches) x 1.18. 

So if your golfer requires a 54-inch driver with a swing weight of 220 pounds, his or her drive will require a driver with an overall length of 58 inches and a swing weight of 242 pounds.

The Impact Of Club Weight On The Shipping

When someone is shipping golf clubs, the weight of the clubs can have an impact on shipping costs. A few factors can contribute to the weight of a golf club, including the type and construction of the club.

Additionally, the material used to make the club can add weight. Heavier clubs will require more transportation space and may be more expensive to ship. Clubs with metal shafts or with heavy materials (like titanium) may be particularly costly to transport.

How Clubs Are Shipped

How people ship golf clubs is important to consider when ordering or purchasing them. Golf clubs typically come in a box, with the club head and shaft protected by Styrofoam. The club head is then placed in a plastic cover. If someone is purchasing a new set of golf clubs, it is important to know the steps involved in shipping them so that he can make sure they arrive safely.

Dealers often shipped Golf clubs via FedEx or UPS. FedEx offers Priority Overnight shipping for an additional fee, which guarantees your golf club will arrive within two business days. UPS offers 2-day shipping for a fee and also offers Saturday delivery for an additional fee. If someone orders golf clubs online, they need to include their zip code so that the online retailer can calculate the correct shipping fee based on their location.

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How To Reduce The Weight Of Your Golf Club Shipment

There are a few things that you can do to help reduce the weight of your golf club shipment.

  • Firstly, try to avoid packing too much stuff in your box. By reducing the amount of material that is being shipped, you will not only save on weight but also on cost.
  • Secondly, be sure to use lightweight materials when possible when packing your club box. This will help to keep the weight down even further.
  • Thirdly, use packing peanuts and other packing materials to cushion and protect your clubs during shipment.
  • Finally, be sure to properly label and document your box so that it can be easily traced if there are any problems with delivery.

All of these tips will help you reduce the weight of your golf club shipment without sacrificing quality or performance.


Golf clubs will vary in weight depending on their size and make. Assemble the clubs carefully and ensure to well-padded, so they do not damage in transit. Golfers should also double-check with their golf club retailer to be sure the clubs they order are properly packed for shipping.

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