Does Apple Watch Have Golf Rangefinder

The Apple Watch is a popular fitness and health-tracking smartwatch. The watch has many features, from fitness tracking and calling to the heart rate monitor. One of the lesser-known features of the watch is that it comes with a golf rangefinder feature which allows you to check distances, read greens, and more. But Does Apple Watch have a built-in golf rangefinder?

Apple Watches can execute GPS technology like the best golf GPS watches. Apps developed for Apple Watches will use built-in GPS technology, enabling them to mimic the high-performance functions of GPS watches used by golfers. All you have to do is download a Golf GPS App to your Apple Watch.

What is The Golf Rangefinder In Apple Watch?

One of the most popular features of the Apple Watch is its ability to track golf rounds. The Golf rangefinder in the Watch helps you keep tabs on distances and games played and stats like strokes taken and shots missed. Golf rangefinders are a standard feature on wristwatch golf devices, but they’re not typically found on smartwatches. Golf rangefinders work best when the Watch is worn stationery rather than moving around while you play. But that’s not a problem with the Apple Watch, which can be worn either stationary or moving around.

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Apple Watch For Golfing

Does Apple Watch Have Golf Rangefinder?

Apple Watch has been well-received by the golf community as it offers many features that appeal to golfers. This includes tracking scores, stats, and calendar events, among others. However, there is no confirmation that Apple Watch has a built-in golf rangefinder. Several third-party rangefinders are available separately or as add-ons for Apple Watch.

Golf Rangefinder App for Apple Watch

There is an app available in the Apple App Store that retails for $4.99, and its name is Golf Rangefinder. The app was developed by a company called Swing byte, which is said to help golfers improve their game.  The app uses your iPhone’s GPS capabilities to help you pinpoint your exact position on the golf course at any given time. In-formations can then use this information to generate a swing chart and give you tips on improving your game.

Several bonus features are available with the app, such as access to real-time leaderboard rankings, statistics tracking, and shot analysis. So if you’re serious about improving your game or want to have some fun playing golf on your Apple Watch, check out the app!

There are also several apps available now for the apple watch, which lists are here:

  • Hole 19
  • Golf Shot
  • GolfLogix GPS
  • GolfNow 
  • Golf Pad
  • Golf GPS ++
  • 18Birdies
  • Fun Golf

If you are not satisfied with the apple watch rangefinder app, how to Find the Best Golf Rangefinder under $300?


Golfshot App For Apple Watch

Features Of The Apple Watch Golf Rangefinder

The Apple Watch is a versatile device that can do a lot. Its design is for everyday use, and it includes various features that make it perfect for athletes and golfers. The Watch can track your steps, distance, calories burned, etc. It also has an accurate GPS to help you hit the green in less time than ever. Here are some of the features that will make your game easier:

-It has a built-in sensor that tracks your steps and distance traveled.

-It also includes an accurate GPS to help you hit the green in less time than ever.

-With its easy-to-use interface and bright display, the Watch makes playing golf on even the most challenging courses much more accessible.

-The Watch can also identify different clubs, including woods and irons. The Watch’s screen is big enough to simultaneously display the yardage and club information.

-There’s even a whole map to see where your ball locates on the course. Lastly, the rangefinder also includes a built-in timer to track how long it takes you to hit each club.


Hole19 App For Apple Watch

Pros And Cons Of Using an Apple Watch Golf Rangefinder 


  • It is accurate and can use outdoors
  • Affordable and Portable
  • Saving time on your golf game
  • Keeping track of your scorecard and stats
  • Staying organized on the green
  • Have an extra set of hands-on the green


  • Apple Watch has a low battery life
  • The Apple Watch can be inaccurate
  • This Watch is expensive
  • It’s not waterproof.
  • It does not have a backlight and built-in compass, map


Does Apple Watch have a golf rangefinder? While the device does not have a built-in rangefinder, it comes with an optional accessory that can use to measure distances. So whether you’re looking for a golf rangefinder for use on your Apple Watch or not, it’s worth considering what options are available.

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