Can You Use A Rangefinder In A Golf Tournament

Rangefinders are an excellent tool for golfers who want to improve their game. They allow golfers to hit shots that might be out of their usual range, enhancing their accuracy and score. However, rangefinders should not be used in tournaments because they can distract other players. Let’s know about Can You Use a Rangefinder In a Golf Tournament.

Rangefinders are not permitted in most tournaments, as they can give an unfair advantage to the player who uses one. However, some tournaments, such as the PGA Tour's Match Play Championship, allow rangefinders.

What Is A Rangefinder?

There are many range finders on the market. Some are expensive and some are budget-friendly. On this website, we have written an article about golf rangefinders under 300 dollars. If you want you can read that article.

However, Rangefinders are cameras that use a lens to measure the distance to an object and provide a digital readout of that measurement. They’re popular among hunters, shooters, and bird watchers because they make it easy to determine distances to targets accurately. Rangefinders are also helpful for taking pictures. They can compensate for parallax error in the viewfinder by measuring the distance to the subject instead of relying on a camera’s automatic focus system.

Can You Use A Rangefinder In A Golf Tournament

Rangefinders have become increasingly popular in the sport of golf. Rangefinders can help golfers improve their game by providing precise information about their distance from the hole. Professional golfers believe that rangefinders give players an unfair advantage over those who do not use them. There is some debate about whether or not rangefinders give players an unfair advantage, but the vast majority of golfers believe that they do not.

How The Use Of Rangefinders Will Impact Major Championships

How Do Rangefinders Work?

Rangefinders are popular golf accessories used by both amateurs and professionals. Rangefinders can help hit the ball straight and more accurately into the green. However, Rangefinders are not allowed in most professional golf tournaments because they violate Rule 17-1. This rule states that “In games shall use no electronic device other than a club or caddie to determine the accuracy of shots.

What Kind Of Equipment Do I Need To Use A Rangefinder In A Golf Tournament

Rangefinders are an essential piece of golf equipment for anyone playing in a tournament. A rangefinder is used to help players determine their distance to the green, which can be especially beneficial when playing in conditions that are difficult to discern distances. There are a few critical pieces of equipment that you will need to use a rangefinder effectively: the rangefinder itself, a GPS (global positioning system) device if available, and an accurate measuring tape. 

If you don’t have access to a GPS device, you can usually use your cell phone or another device that has mapping capabilities. Just make sure that the software on your device is updated to map out your location accurately. Additionally, always consider wind speeds and direction when trying to estimate distances; these factors can significantly affect how far away something appears on the screen of your rangefinder.

Pros And Cons Of Rangefinders In Golf

The pros and Cons of Rangefinders in Golf are here

Pros of Rangefinders in golf

  • Help golfers improve their accuracy.
  • Rangefinders make it easy to find the right club.
  • Save time on the green.
  • It can help golfers determine the distance to the pin.
  • Improve golfer’s scores.

Cons of Rangefinders in golf

  • This can be inaccurate.
  • Rangefinders are not as reliable in windy conditions.
  • It can be challenging to use.
  • Expensive.
  • It May seem distracting while playing.

best golf rangefinders

Best Golf Rangefinders

Considerations For Using A Rangefinder In A Golf Tournament

Rangefinder use has become more prevalent as golfers strive to optimize their game. Considerations for using a rangefinder in a match will vary depending on the specific circumstances, but here are some general tips:

  • Make sure the rangefinder is calibrated regularly. It will ensure accuracy when measuring distances.
  • Be aware of how far you are from the target and adjust your shot accordingly.
  • Use a high-quality lens if possible to make the rangefinder readings more accurate.
  • Take wind direction and speed into account when deciding where to hit the ball.
  • Review your round with the rangefinder after each hole to assess how you perform overall. It will help you fine-tune your strategy for future games.

Tips For Using A Rangefinder In A Golf Tournament

Rangefinders can be a tremendous asset to any golfer during a tournament. Here are a few tips for using one effectively: 

  1. Use the rangefinder as part of your pre-shot routine. Please keep it in your hand before every shot, and take several practice swings to get used to its feel. It will help you hit the ball closer to the pin each time. 
  2. Estimate distances from different points on the green, rather than just relying on one number from the rangefinder screen. It will give you a more accurate picture of where your shots will land. 
  3. Try to use similar clubs for each shot; this will help you get accurate clubhead speed and loft data from each shot.
  4. Make sure you focus correctly on the rangefinder screen – if it’s too bright or dark, the Rangefinder will impair your vision and make you struggle to use the device properly.
  5. Take practice swings before your round starts to use your rangefinder and get comfortable with its readings.


Here is all about Can You Use A Rangefinder In A Golf Tournament. Rangefinders are a valuable tool for golfers looking to improve accuracy and distance. However, it is essential to consider accuracy or distance more critical to you. If accuracy is your top priority, using a rangefinder is the best option. Conversely, if space is more important to you, you may not need a rangefinder and can stick with using your club. Ultimately, it is up to the individual golfer to decide what works best for them.

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