Best Rangefinder for Disc Golf – Ratings and Comparisons

A Rangefinder review can be confusing, especially when it comes to the best rangefinder for disc golf cameras. We compare and rate the top 10 best rangefinders for disc golf based on the features that are most important to you.

We also provide a buyer’s guide to help you make the best choice for your needs. So whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, read on to find the rangefinder that’s perfect for you!

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Best Rangefinder for Disc Golf at a Glance

  • Bushnell Edge Disc Golf 6×24 Best Laser Rangefinder
  • Infinite Discs Apex Disc Golf NF-600 Best Rangefinder
  • REVASRI 1500 Yards Best Golf Rangefinder
  • AILEMON Pro 6X Golf Laser Rangefinder
  • BOBLOV LF600AG Rangefinder
  • DTAPE DT600 Best Pro Laser Golf Rangefinder
  • Profey Golf Rangefinder with Slope
  • AOFAR GX-2S Golf Rangefinder
  • Raythor Pro GEN S2 Laser Rangefinder for Golf
  • WOSPORTS 800 Yards Laser rangefinder

10 Best Rangefinder for Disc Golf in 2022 Full Review

There are so many options available, and it can be hard to decide which one is the right fit for you. That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive guide with ratings and comparisons of the 10 best rangefinders for disc golf in 2022.

You’ll learn everything you need to know about each model, including input such as size, battery life, accuracy, and features. After reading this article, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about which rangefinder is right for you. So go ahead and take the plunge and purchase your very own rangefinder!

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1. Bushnell Edge Disc Golf 6×24 Laser Rangefinder

Magnification: 6x // Scane: yes // Accuracy: ±1 yd // Max. range: 850 yd // Warranty: 5 years // Other features: Measures in Feet; Angle Compensation Vivid image: 2x brighter in; Batteries Included, Water Resistance: Yes, IPX4; 3-Volt CR2 type battery; ARC Modes: yes; Weight: 180gm;  Z-mode technology.

The Bushnell Edge Disc Golf 6×24 Laser Rangefinder is a top-of-the-line laser rangefinder that can measure distances up to 850 yards as well as elevations! It offers superior accuracy and features an easy-to-use scan mode. In addition, this device boasts fast-ranging capabilities, which makes it ideal for busy golfers or anyone on the go. Plus, its bright 2X illumination will make even dim conditions easier to see.

This is an amazing laser rangefinder! I’ve had it for a few weeks now and it has already helped me improve my game. I would highly recommend it to any serious disc golfer.

  • Once set up Bushnell’s easy-to-use and super straight forward.
  • This highly accurate range finder provides a crystal clear view of the target
  • It is durable and weather-resistant.
  • It is also Great for hunting
  • It didn’t come with a carrying case or bag.
  • It’s a bit pricey

2. Infinite Discs Apex Disc Golf NF-600 Rangefinder

Magnification: Built in magnification // Slope: yes // Accuracy: ±3 feet // Max. range: ±600 yd // Warranty: Not Mentioned // Other features: Batteries Included; Smart Range Technology; Varies Rangefinder Modes

The Infinite Discs Apex Disc Golf NF-600 Rangefinder is a high-performance device that can measure distance in feet, yards, or meters. It has various rangefinder modes to suit your needs, and it also comes with an advanced distance tracker that can measure several different objects simultaneously. The smart range technology ensures you always know any target’s slope and provides continuous data for more accurate shots.

  • It can accurately measure vertical distances.
  • The unit is also minimal and lightweight.
  • Very simple to use.
  • It has multiple modes to give you the most accurate measurement
  • It store last 20 readings you took
  • A little bit expensive.

3. REVASRI 1500 Yards Golf Rangefinder

Magnification: 6x // Laser Wavelength: 905nm // Slope: Yes // Accuracy: ±1 Yard // Max. range: 1500 yd // Warranty: 1 year // Other features: IP54 Waterproof; Measure in Feet Yards and Meters; LCD dispaly; CR-2(3V) Battery; Flag Lock: Yes 

The REVASRI 1500 Yards Golf Rangefinder is a multifunctional and portable laser range finder that offers users an accurate measurement of feet, yards, and meters. It also features a high-quality 6x multilayer coated glass lens for clear viewing at any angle. The weight of the device is only 6.9 ounces which makes it easy to carry around and use on the go. With its safe 905nm wavelength laser, this golf rangefinder is perfect for anyone looking to take their game to the next level!

  • Easy to use with its two-point height measurement.
  • Accurate and can provide an accurate reading from up to 1500 yards away.
  • It comes with a hardshell case.
  • It has the option to change to feet.
  • It does have rechargeable battery option

4. AILEMON Pro 6X Golf Laser Rangefinder

Magnification: 6x // Slope: Yes // Accuracy: ±1 Yard // Max. range: 5-1000Y(Whtie); 5-1200Y(Red) // Warranty: 1 year // Waterproof level: IPX4 // Other features: one button slope on-off, Flag Lock

Looking for the perfect golf laser rangefinder? Look no further than AILEMON Pro 6X Golf Laser Rangefinder! This device offers a whopping 1000-yard/1200-yard range with great accuracy, making it perfect for all types of players. With its one-button turn slope on-off feature and easy-to-use tournament legal range finder, this device is ideal for anyone looking to take their game to the next level.

  • It has recharging capability (Usb Charging) instead of changing out batteries.
  • Very easy to operate,
  • It is very accurate even when adjusting for elevation.
  • The quality of the rangefinder is top-notch, making it durable and reliable for years of use.
  • It does not distance in feet

5. BOBLOV LF600AG Rangefinder

Magnification: 6x // Slope: Yes // Accuracy: ±1yard // Max. range: 650 yd // Warranty: 1-year // Other features: Battery USB Charging; Build-in lithium battery 3.7V/800mAh; 200 Yds Pin Measurement; 1s Fast Locking; Vibration On/Off; Slope Locking Flag Mode.

Introducing the BOBLOV LF600AG Rangefinder – a premium golf/hunting mate with an exquisite range finder and battery USB charging! This device is designed for accuracy and fast locking, making it ideal for tournament play. The laser rangefinder has adequate clarity and dependable accuracy, while the slope on/off switch allows you to use this device on slopes. With its beautiful design, this golf/hunting mate makes an amazing gift idea!

  • Comes with a rechargeable battery.
  • It is multi-purpose, able to be used for golf, hunting, and other outdoor activities
  • The range finder is able to measure multiple distances at one time
  • The case is nice with magnetic closure and comes with a carabiner to attach to your bag.
  • Switching the yard to the meter is a little bit tricky.

6. Pro Laser Golf Rangefinder DTAPE DT600

Magnification: 6x // Slope: yes // Accuracy: ±0.54 yd // Max. range: 656Yard (600m) // Warranty: 2 years // Other features: Field of View: 7 °; Weight: 0.36lb; Laser Wave Length: 905 nm; ‎IPX4 Protection; 1 Lithium Ion batteries

The Pro Laser Golf Rangefinder DTAPE DT600 is a great device for golfers of all levels. It has a durable rechargeable battery, 656-yard range with slope measurement smart scanning mode, and accuracy of +/- 0.54 yards. It also supports diopter adjustment of ±5D and golfs ballistic compensation (scanning) mode to improve your shot navigation skills on the green.

  • It is extremely durable, able to withstand any outdoor activity
  • Clear and accurate visual each time
  • It comes with an internal battery that can be recharged with USB port
  • Holds a charge over many rounds of golf.
  • Easy to use and the case is nice.
  • Hard to use for eyeglass users.

7. Profey Golf Rangefinder with Slope

Magnification: 6x // Slope: yes // Accuracy: ±0.5 yd // Max. range: 800 yd // Warranty: 1 year // Other features: 2 Scan Modes; Flag Lock Technology; Pulse Vibration; Scan Multiple Targets; Carrying Case; CR2 Battery

Do you want to improve your golf game? If so, our Profey Golf Rangefinder with Slope is perfect for you! It comes equipped with a 6x magnification and an accuracy of +/- .5 yard. Plus, its superior optics provide a clear view of the green even in difficult conditions. In addition, the textured rubber on the device makes it more comfortable to hold and reduces the chances of slipping out from your hand. Finally, there are two modes – automatic or manual – to suit your needs perfectly. So go ahead and equip yourself with this great golf tool today!

  • It has fast-focusing feature
  • Slope function makes it easy to use.
  • Great rangefinder for shaky hands too.
  • Less durability than the others.

8. AOFAR GX-2S Golf Rangefinder

Magnification: 6x // Slope: yes // Accuracy: ±1 yd // Max. range: 600 yd // Warranty: 2 years // Other features: Flag-lock with pulse; Vibration; Slope switch; Waterproof; 180 Grams weight.

The AOFAR GX-2S Golf Rangefinder is a great option to consider the best rangefinder for disc golf. This device has ±0.5yd accuracy and a range of 5/285yds for flags, 5/415yds for trees, and 5/600yds for reflective objects. Additionally, the GX-2S features 6X magnification and is able to store up to 100 courses. It also has a durable body and a non-slip rubber design. What’s even better is that it is waterproof and dust-proof.

  • Light weight and easy to hole and the modes (scan and pin location) are easy to switch.
  • Crystal clear view display.
  • The slope mode is a separate button on the side.
  • Wrist strap makes you feel safe.
  • A lower cost alternative to some of the more expensive brands
  • Battery life isn’t that good.

9. Raythor Pro GEN S2 Laser Rangefinder for Golf

Magnification: 6x // Slope: yes // Accuracy: ±0.1 yd // Max. range: 1000 yd // Warranty: 2 years // Other features: Flag-lock; Slope On/Off; Physical Slope Switch; Pulse Vibration; Continuous Scan; Rechargeable Battery

Raythor Pro GEN S2 Laser Rangefinder is the perfect golf rangefinder for professional players. It features pin sensor technology with pulse vibration, the slope on/off the technology, and continuous scan functionality to provide an accurate reading every time. Additionally, its long battery life ensures that you can play multiple rounds without having to recharge it. And finally, its great after-sales service ensures that you always have support when you need it most.

  • It is lightweight and very handy.
  • Glass is fairly clear
  • Locks on fast (medium sized targets)
  • Easy to use one push activation.
  • No stabilization so a little shaking
  • Battery door bad design – will break easily
  • Fast battery drain.
  • Smaller targets are harder to acquire and lock

10. WOSPORTS 800 Yards Laser Rangefinder

Magnification: 6x // Slope: No // Accuracy: ±0.1 yd // Max. range: 800 yd // Warranty: 1 year // Other features: ‎IPX4 Protection; CR2 Battery; 3 Modes: Flag Lock/Distance/Speed (0-300km/h); 250 yards flag lock

Looking for a high-precision laser rangefinder? Look no further than our WOSPORTS 800 Yards Laser rangefinder! This device is perfect for golfing, target shooting, and hunting. It features a battery-powered design with an operational time of 0.5 to 1 sec and a field of view of 7 degrees. Additionally, it has a low battery indicator to make sure you are always able to take accurate shots.

  • Multi-purpose range finder including golf, hunting, and archery.
  • The price is very affordable, and it also lasts for a long time.
  • It is highly accurate and easy to use.
  • Flagpole Lock with Vibration.
  • Beautiful design, the black/white color make it eye catching.
  • It may take some time in scan the mood.

Tips For Using A Rangefinder

If you’re a disc golfer, you know that a good rangefinder is essential for your game. But which one should you buy? With so many models on the market, it can be difficult to make a decision. Our guide will help you find the best rangefinder for your needs.

First, consider what you’ll use it for – beginner or advanced player? Once you’ve determined this, read the instructions carefully before using it for the first time.

Finally, be sure to share your rangefinder experiences and ratings in the comments section below!

How To Use A Rangefinder

When it comes to disc golf, accuracy is key. That’s where rangefinders come in handy. They help you to determine the distance to a target, which is essential for hitting the target consistently.

There are different types of rangefinders, so it’s important to select the one that’s right for your needs. Additionally, get started by reading our beginner’s guide on how to use a rangefinder. This will help you get started with the basics of rangefinding and improve your accuracy dramatically.

How A Rangefinder Can Improve Your Disc Golf Game

Rangefinders are a must-have for anyone serious about disc golf. They can help you judge distances accurately so that you can put more accurate shots in the basket. This can be especially important in tricky situations, like when you’re trying to throw a midrange or an uphill shot.

Additionally, rangefinders can be an invaluable tool for improving your game. Make sure to take into account reviews and ratings before making your purchase. This will help ensure the best possible experience. There are a variety of options available, so it’s important to select the right one for you. Once you have your rangefinder, make sure to start using it to improve your game!

Buying Guide – Things to Consider When Purchasing a Rangefinder

There’s nothing like hitting your target in one shot, and a good rangefinder can make that happen more easily. However, before you purchase your rangefinder, make sure to consider a few key factors. One of the most important is the type of lens – there are mild and severe lenses available. Additionally, consider the number of shots per round that you’ll need, as well as the rangefinder’s durability.

Other considerations include the size and weight of the rangefinder, as well as whether or not it has a built-in sensor that can detect distances up to 100 feet. Once you have all of this information, it’s time to choose the best rangefinder for disc golf!

Viewing Angle – How Wide Can You See in Each Direction?

When considering what type of rangefinder to buy, it is important to consider how often you plan on using it and the number of discs that you will be throwing. Additionally, a good rangefinder should have a wide viewing angle in all directions so that your shots are as accurate as possible.

Furthermore, make sure to read reviews and compare ratings before making your purchase. You want something that meets your specific needs but also has high marks from other golfers who have used it before you.

Rangefinder Features to Look For

Size is obviously an important factor – the rangefinders you choose should fit comfortably in your hand. In addition, make sure that visibility and accuracy are good enough so that you can accurately locate targets at long distances.

Another key aspect of rangefinder selection features. Some rangefinders come with target locking and slope compensation, which makes them more versatile than others when it comes to shooting tactical scenarios or hunting in tricky environments. It’s also crucial to look for a unit with easy-to-read displays so you don’t have any trouble understanding readings or settings at all times.

Accuracy Rating – How Accurate is the Rangefinder?

A high accuracy rating means that the device is more reliable and accurate. Additionally, it allows you to compare different rangefinders side by side with relative ease.

Make sure to read about accuracy rating in the review section before making your purchase decision – they can provide valuable insight into how well the device functions and if there are any issues users have encountered. As accuracy rating is one of the key factors considered when purchasing a rangefinder, it’s always worthwhile taking the time to read them all!

Operating Modes – Single Shot, Auto-Shoot, Course Layout View

There are 3 operating modes – single shot, auto-shoot, and course layout view. Single Shot mode is good for beginners as it allows you to focus on the target only. Auto-shoot mode is useful for those who want to take pictures without having to manually focus the camera. Course Layout View mode shows you the entire layout of the course with pins placed at specific points, making it easier to line up your shot.

Image Quality – Resolution and Detail

When it comes to choosing the right camera, resolution, and detail are two of the most important factors. Make sure to compare rangefinders and find the one that best suits your needs. The higher the resolution and detail, the better the image quality will be. When it comes to rangefinders, there are a few things you need to keep in mind: –

First of all, make sure that you buy one with high enough resolution for your needs. This will ensure crisp details and superb clarity in your images.

Secondly, always choose a device with good optical zoom capabilities so you can capture objects from far away easily without losing any quality.

And finally, consider whether or not you require digital stability when taking pictures – this ensures sharp shots even under challenging conditions such as low lightness or shaky hands!

Final Verdict

As we discussed earlier, disc golf is a really competitive sport and you need to be accurate while throwing your discs. And since you are reading this article, it means that you also want a reliable rangefinder to improve your game.

In this comparison post of the Best Rangefinder for Disc Golf, we examined 10 models in detail so that you can make an informed decision. And if the price is not a problem for you, then go for the REVASRI 1500. It has everything that deserves attention such as great resolution and its cost-effective price tag. Not only does it offer accuracy but also fast speed readings thanks to its technology from TopTech Laboratory as well!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Rangefinder?

A rangefinder is a device that can be helpful for golfers of all levels. They are typically handheld or attached to firearms, and can be used with any type of ball, including drivers, hybrids, and putters. There are a variety of different types of rangefinders on the market, so you can find the perfect one for your needs.

For disc golf players, rangefinders are commonly used for locating targets in difficult situations, such as when playing behind trees or over water obstacles. Rangefinders are also useful for determining distances to objects.

Do golf rangefinders work for disc golf?

Yes, golf rangefinders can be used for disc golf. However, as with any device that you use to hit a round object with a club, there are some things to consider before making the purchase. Some rangefinders have built-in backlights that make it easier to see the target in low-light conditions.

Additionally, some rangefinders can measure distances both horizontally and vertically. Some rangefinders can also measure distances in other directions, such as an angle of elevation. When looking for a golf rangefinder, make sure to read reviews and compare different models to find the perfect one for your needs.

Plus, be sure to research which type of rangefinder is best suited for your game (horizontal or vertical distance only, or horizontal and vertical distance and angle of elevation measurements).

Do you need slope on a rangefinder for golf?

Some golfers choose to use a rangefinder while others don’t find them necessary. Rangefinders can be helpful for golfers who are looking to improve their game by getting accurate yardage distances, but they are not necessary for everyone. There are many different types of rangefinders on the market and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

It’s important to consider what you need the rangefinder for – driving distance, accuracy on long distances, or both. Make sure to test out different models before purchasing one to make sure it’s the right fit for your needs.

Is a disc golf range finder worth it?

Yes, a disc golf range finder can be a valuable addition to your golfing arsenal. Rangefinders are a great way to improve your accuracy and distance while playing. They allow you to pinpoint your target quickly and easily, making it much easier to hit the ball in the right spot.

There are a number of different types of rangefinders on the market, but the one that is best suited for disc golf is the GPS rangefinder. This type of rangefinder uses GPS navigation systems to track your location and show you onscreen where the green is located and how far away it is. This allows you to make more accurate shots by knowing exactly where you’re aiming.

Rangefinders aren’t just limited to disc golf – they can be used for any sport where accuracy and distance are important factors. If you’re serious about improving your game, then a rangefinder will definitely be worth considering.

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