The Top 10 Best Golf Hats For Sun Protection In 2022

The sun is one of the most potent sources of UV radiation. When it hits your skin, it causes damage to the cells and can lead to skin cancer. To reduce the risk of skin cancer, you should wear sunscreen when you’re outside or playing golf. One way to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays is by wearing a hat.

It would help if you considered a few things when purchasing a golf hat. The first is how much sun protection you need. You can buy hats with UPF or SPF ratings to ensure that your skin protects from the sun. The second consideration is what style of hat will fit your personal preference. There are baseball caps, fedoras, and even beanies available for those who wish to remain covered up while on the green. The last factor to consider is the price.

Are you looking for the best golf hats for sun protection? Here are 10 of the best options available. Read the article carefully.

Our Top Choices

How We Select 10 Best Golf Hats For Sun Protection

Golfers know the importance of wearing sunscreen when playing in the sun. However, not all golf hats offer adequate protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. To help you choose the best golf hat for your needs, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best hats for sun protection.

When choosing a golf hat, some factors include its coverage, whether it has an adjustable strap, and if it comes with built-in sunscreen. Our list consists of some of the most popular options today, so be sure to check them out before purchasing.

We select the 10 best hats based on product reviews, customer opinions from the golf club members, shops owners’ thoughts, and our review team use this hat. So you will win if you buy from this list.

golf hats for sun protection

Golf Hats For Sun Protection Bestsellers List

Important Features To Consider

There are a few things to consider when purchasing a golf hat for sun protection. The first is the type of brim. A wide brim is best for protecting the face and neck from the sun. The second consideration is the material of the hat. A piece of lightweight, breathable fabric is best for hot weather. The third consideration is the size of the hat. It should fit in comfortably so that it does not move around when you are playing.

Area of cover

Before purchasing a golf hat for sun protection, it is essential to consider the hat’s coverage area. Some hats are designed to protect only the head and face, while others offer more comprehensive protection, including the ears, neck, and shoulders. Choosing a hat that will provide the best possible protection for your individual needs Is essential.

UV Protection

The best golf hats for sun protection will offer you UV protection. It is essential to consider, as the sun’s UV rays can damage the skin. When looking for a golf hat that will provide UV protection, look for a hat labeled as such. Many hats will have a UV protection rating, which will tell you how much protection the hat offers.

Comfort while playing

When choosing the best golf hat for sun protection, it is essential to consider how comfortable it will be while playing. Some hats are made from lightweight materials that allow for more outstanding breathability and movement, while others are made from more durable materials that may be a bit heavier. It is crucial to find a hat that will be comfortable to wear for an extended period. Additionally, many hats have adjustable straps or cords that help keep the hat in place, which is necessary when playing golf.


The best golf hats for sun protection are those that fit well. They should not be too tight or loose and should cover as much of your head and neck as possible. Golf hats with a wide brim are the best option, as they provide the most protection from the sun.

Moisture-wicking fabric

Fabrics designed to wick moisture away from the skin are ideal for use in golf hats for sun protection. The fabric pulls sweat and moisture away from the head and into the fabric, where it can evaporate, helping to keep the head cool and comfortable. Many of the latest fabrics in sportswear are from synthetic materials designed to wick moisture away from the skin, making them a good choice for golf hats.

Style and vibe

The best golf hats for sun protection should be stylish and comfortable and provide good protection from the sun. Golfers need to be aware of the dangers of too much sun exposure and select a hat to protect their head, face, and neck from the sun’s harmful rays. A good golf hat for sun protection will have a wide brim to shade the face and neck, and it should make from a lightweight, breathable fabric to keep the wearer cool.

The 10 Best Golf Hats For Sun Protection Reviews

1. Columbia Bora Booney

Columbia Unisex Bora Bora II Booney Hat, Moisture Wicking...

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Columbia Bora Booney is a high-quality down jacket made by the Columbia Sportswear Company. It features 650 fill power goose down insulation and a durable water repellent finish to help keep you warm and dry in cold weather conditions. The jacket has a full-length front zipper, two zippered hand pockets, and an interior security pocket for your belongings. It is available in men’s and women’s sizes and comes in several colors.

Product Description

  • The Columbia Bora Booney hat is made of UV absorbent yarns with a tight weave construction to keep the sun off your head and moisture away from your skin.
  • The mesh vent allows a breeze to cool you down, while the adjustable drawcord and toggle ensure a perfect fit.
  • The expert stitching prevents the hat from falling apart even after extended use.


  • Customizable fitting.
  • It provides excellent breathability.
  • Very well made.


  • Nothing wrong issue here.

2. Aussie Chiller Bushie Perforated Golf Hat

Aussie Chiller Bushie Perforated Golf Hat Beige X-Large

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The Aussie Chiller Bushie Perforated Golf Hat is a unique and innovative product perfect for those hot summer days on the golf course. The hat is made of lightweight fabric and features perforated panels that help to keep your head cool and comfortable. It also has a built-in chiller that can fill with ice to help keep you cool even on the hottest days.

Product Description

  • The Aussie Chiller Bushie Perforated Golf Hat is made of chamois fabric that allows excellent ventilation.
  • The hat is super-soft to the touch, lightweight, and long-lasting.
  • It has a built-in sweatband that helps keep your forehead dry and cool.
  • The perforated design allows air to circulate freely, keeping your head cool and comfortable even on the hottest days.
  • The Bushie Golf Hat is also adjustable to get a perfect fit every time.


  • It has a cooling function.
  • The brim provides excellent protection.
  • Very comfortable to wear.


  • Not everyone likes this ‘cowboy-style hat.

3. Wallaroo Hat Company Men’s Avery Fedora

Wallaroo Hat Company Men’s Avery Fedora – UPF 50+...

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The Wallaroo Hat Company Men’s Avery Fedora is a wool fedora with a grosgrain band. It is designed to protect against the elements and is perfect for cool weather. The hat is 100% Australian wool and features a plush lining for extra warmth. It is available in black, navy, or charcoal and has a stylish silhouette to complement any outfit.

Product Description

  • The Avery Fedora by Wallaroo Hat Company is a men’s wide brim fedora with an adjustable velcro band.
  • The Japanese glazed paper used in the construction of this hat is UPF 50 fabric, meaning that it will protect your head from the sun’s harmful rays.
  • This hat is also spot cleanable, so you can easily wash it off if it gets dirty.
  • The fedora style is perfect for hot summer days, and the wide brim will keep your head and face cool and shaded.
  • The Avery Fedora is an excellent option for anyone looking for sun protection and style.


  • It keeps your head cool in hot weather.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Metal eyelets help to increase airflow.


  • Less durability.

4. Home Prefer Men’s Sun Hat

Home Prefer Mens Mesh Bucket Hat UPF 50+ Sun Hat for Outdoor...

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The sun hat preferences for men suggest some inherent differences between how men and women approach sun protection. Because women are often the caregivers in a family, they are more likely to prioritize sun protection for their children and themselves. On the other hand, men may be more likely to prioritize comfort and style over sun protection.

Product Description

  • The Home Prefer Men’s Sun Hat is made of a polyester material that is both windproof and adjustable.
  • The hat has a wide brim and a bucket style that makes it great for outdoor activities.
  • The mesh crown band is airy and helps keep your head cool in the summer heat.
  • It can tighten a string on the back of the hat to keep the hat in place during windy days.
  • This sun hat is perfect for men who love spending time outdoors.


  • Lots of colors to choosing options available.
  • Easy to pack and carry, the cooling mechanism helps you stay calm and feel refreshed.


  • Little bit stiffy.

5. Sunday Afternoons Charter Hat

Sunday Afternoons Mens Charter Fishing Hats, Sand/Black,...

The Sunday Afternoons Charter Hat is a classic baseball cap designed to provide optimal protection from the sun. It has a wide, curved brim to shield the eyes, forehead, and nose from the sun’s rays, and it is made of a lightweight fabric to keep the wearer cool. The hat also has an adjustable strap to ensure a snug fit.

Product Description

  • The Charter Hat has a semi-circular brim that is floatable and has a foam core.
  • The hat is certified to have a UPF 50 rating, meaning that it will block out most of the sun’s harmful rays.
  • The fabric is also breathable, so you will not get too hot while wearing it.
  • It has Slipstream venting, which means that the air can flow through the fabric easily and keep your head cool.
  • The hat is water repellent and resistant to stains, so it will stay looking good for a long time.
  • The wicking sweatband helps to keep sweat away from your eyes and forehead.


  • UPF 50+ fabric provides excellent sun protection.
  • Very comfortable to wear.
  • Great ventilation.


  • The Chinstrap is unremovable.

6. Stetson Men’s Bozeman Outdoor Hat

Stetson Men's Bozeman Outdoor Hat, Light Brown, Medium

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The Stetson Men’s Bozeman Outdoor Hat is a durable and stylish hat perfect for outdoor activities. The hat is made from 100% wool and has a leather band around the brim. It is also water-resistant and has a built-in ventilation system to help keep you cool. The hat is available in several colors and can be custom ordered to fit any head size.

Product Description

  • The Bozeman Outdoor Hat is a lightweight and versatile hat perfect for any outdoor activity.
  • It has a pinch front crown and a 3 1/4 inch brim for protection from the sun and wind.
  • The crown is 4 inches deep and has a Drilex leather sweatband to keep you cool and dry.
  • The hatband is leather and has a buckle closure for a comfortable fit.
  • The Bozeman Outdoor Hat is a lightweight material that makes it easy to pack and transport.


  • Stylish-looking hat.
  • Very well made.
  • It keeps you safe from UV rays.


  • Not so many color varieties are available.

7. Coolibar UPF 50+ Men’s Eagle Golf Gambler

Coolibar UPF 50+ Men's Eagle Golf Gambler - Sun Protective...

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The Coolibar UPF 50 Men’s Eagle Golf Gambler is a shirt made with a particular material that helps protect the wearer from the sun. The fabric has a rating of UPF 50, which means that it blocks out 50% of the ultraviolet radiation that would typically reach the skin. This shirt is perfect for golfers or anyone who spends time outdoors in the sun, and it can help prevent sunburns and other skin damage.

Product Description

  • The Coolibar UPF 50 Men’s Eagle Golf Gambler is made of a handwoven fabric with a braided palm crown and brim.
  • The all-season technology in the Coolmax fabric will keep you cool and comfortable in any weather.
  • The eyelets at the side of the crown add ventilation, keeping your head cool and your sunglasses in place.
  • The gambler style is perfect for hot days on the golf course, or anytime you need some extra sun protection.
  • The UPF 50 rating provides excellent sun protection, blocking 98% of harmful UV rays.
  • The hat is also machine washable for easy care.


  • Beautiful design.
  • It Holds up great even in the wind.
  • Durable hat.


  • It’s not travel-friendly.

8. Under Armour Men’s Iso-chill ArmourVent Bucket Hat

Under Armour Men's IsoChill Armourvent Bucket , Black...

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The Under Armour Men’s Iso-chill ArmourVent Bucket Hat design keeps you cool and comfortable in hot weather. The fabric is breathable and moisture-wicking, and the hat has a built-in ventilation system that allows air to circulate freely. It also has a UPF 50+ rating to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

Product Description

  • Iso-Chill sweatband helps keep your head cool and comfortable
  • Mesh panel allows for better breathability
  • The fast-drying fabric keeps you cool and comfortable
  • ArmourVent Technology provides ultimate breathability
  • Adjustable drawcord ensures a perfect fit


  • It dries very quickly.
  • It keeps your head cool & dry.
  • The hat is lightweight & comfortable to wear.


  • No issue found

9. CHOK.LIDS Everyday Cotton Style Bucket Hat

CHOK.LIDS Cotton Bucket Hats Unisex Wide Brim Outdoor Summer...

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The CHOK.LIDS Everyday Cotton Style Bucket Hat is a comfortable and stylish hat that can use for various occasions. The hat is made of cotton and has a contemporary design perfect for everyday use. The hat also features a brim that can bend to fit the wearer’s needs and a strap that helps keep the hat in place.

Product Description

  • The CHOK.LIDS Everyday Bucket Hat is 100% cotton for an excellent, comfortable fit.
  • The fabric protects from harmful ultraviolet rays.
  • The hat features air flowing through eyelets to cool your head on hot days.
  • The secure modern fit ensures a comfortable, snug fit.
  • The breathable fabric allows air to circulate, keeping you cool and comfortable all day long.


  • A lot of color varieties.
  • It can wear on any occasion.
  • Very affordable price.


  • Not waterproof.

10. Super Wide Brim Sun Hats For Men and Women

HUAMULAN 6' Wide Brim Sun Protection Hat Outdoor Unisex...

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Super wide brim sun hats are popular among both men and women for their ability to protect against the sun’s harmful UV rays. The wide brim allows the cap to cover a giant head and neck surface area, providing more protection than a typical sun hat. Additionally, many super wide brim sun hats are made from water-resistant or waterproof materials, ideal for outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, or camping.

Product Description

  • The sun hat has a super-wide brim that can provide excellent sun protection.
  • The brim can be worn in two different styles to find the perfect fit.
  • The hat is from water-repellent fiber material, which will help keep you cool and dry.
  • The fabric is also breathable to ensure that you stay comfortable all day long.
  • The hat features a drawstring closure to keep it in place no matter what you are doing.


  • Very lightweight.
  • Extra-wide brim ensures sun protection.
  • Various styles & designs are available.


  • If you have a small face, this hat might not suit you.


What type of hat gives the best protection from the sun?

A wide-brimmed hat is the best type for protection from the sun. The brim of the hat helps to block the sun from hitting your face and head, and it also helps to keep your head cool.

Can you wear a sun hat while golfing?

The usage of a sun hat while golfing typically depends on the golfer’s preferences. Some people feel that wearing a sun hat impedes their ability to see the ball and thus negatively impacts their game, while others find it helpful to have the sun off their face. Ultimately, it is up to the individual golfer to decide if they want to use a sun hat while playing.

How wide should a hat brim be for sun protection?

The brim of a hat should be wide enough to protect the face, ears, and neck from the sun. A too-small projection will not provide adequate protection, while a brim too large may be uncomfortable or impractical.

What color hat should I wear in the sun?

The appropriate hat color to wear in the sun depends on the type of light exposure or ultraviolet radiation (UVR) emitted. The three types of UVR are ultraviolet A (UVA), ultraviolet B (UVB), and ultraviolet C (UVC). UVA is the least harmful, while UVC is the most dangerous.

Is a bucket hat good for sun protection?

A bucket hat is not a good choice for sun protection. While the wide brim can help shield your face and neck from the sun, the material is often thin and not treated with a sunscreen coating so that it won’t provide much protection from the sun’s UV rays.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, a golf hat is an essential piece of equipment for any golfer. It protects you from the sun, but it can also improve your game. The hats on this list are the best ones for sun protection, and they are sure to keep you cool and comfortable on the course. So, if you’re looking for a new golf hat, be sure to check out one of these top ten options!

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