The 10 Best Golf Balls For Mid Handicappers On The Market

It’s no secret that golfers can benefit from using the right golf ball. This article will share our picks for the 10 best golf balls for mid-handicappers on the market. All these balls are affordable, durable, and will give you good results on the green. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start playing better golf!

Our Top Choices

golf balls for mid handicappers

How We Selected 10 Best Golf Balls For Mid Handicappers

We analyzed over 200 golf balls from different brands and models to find the ones that offer the best performance for mid-handicappers. Then We looked for golf balls with a low spin rate and a consistent flight pattern so they would not go off the course as quickly. We also considered the price and availability of these balls.

Best Golf Balls For Mid Handicappers Bestsellers List

Important Features To Consider

When someone is considering whether or not to buy golf balls for a mid-handicapper, there are a few things to consider. The most crucial factor is the player’s ability. If a player can hit the ball a long way, then they might be able to use a harder ball. However, if the player struggles to hit the ball far, they might want to choose a softer ball. Another factor to consider is the wind.

Number Of Pieces

Regarding golf balls for mid-handicappers, it is essential to consider the number of pieces. For example, if a golfer typically uses a ball on the green in two shots, they would need four golf balls. However, if they hole an eagle putt in the first round with a three-piece ball and use the same ball for their second round with a two-piece ball, they would only need two golf balls.


One of the most critical factors is compression. Golfers who play with a mid handicap require a compression-fitted ball with a good bounce. This means that the ball has been made smaller in diameter than a pro-grade golf ball and is designed to travel further and bounce higher off the ground.


One of the essential factors is spin. Many golfers, especially mid handicappers, struggle with getting a good spin on their shots. If a golfer can get a good spin on their ball, it will help them hit shorter shots better and give them a better chance of making a putting stroke. Another factor to consider before buying golf balls is the clubface angle.


Price is among the most important factors when purchasing golf balls for mid- handicappers. One should compare the prices of different brands and models to find the best deal. When purchasing, it is also essential to consider quality, durability, and feel. Some golfers prefer softer golf balls that are easier to hit; others may choose more rigid balls that travel further. It is also essential to know your handicap to select balls appropriate for your skill level.


Some golfers prefer a more diverse array of colors on the golf course, while others may choose a more consistent color palette. If a golfer prefers different colors on different days, they may want to consider buying golf balls in multiple colors.


Golfers have different preferences regarding ball feel, so it is vital to try a few out before making a purchase. Some golfers prefer softer balls because they make the game more forgiving, while others prefer more rigid balls because they provide more stability on the green. When choosing golf balls, it is also essential to consider a golfer’s swing speed and club type.

Top 10 Picks Of Best Golf Balls For Mid Handicappers

The Top 10 Picks of Best Golf Balls For Mid Handicappers are designed with a specific purpose in mind- to provide the most consistent performance possible while still offering an enjoyable experience. All these balls are constructed with premium materials and a sophisticated design that helps them perform at their best. They each come with a corresponding level of forgiveness, making them perfect for players of all levels.

1. Bridgestone Tour B RX Golf Balls

Bridgestone Tour B RX Golf Balls provide consistent distance and accuracy while playing your favorite sport. These golf balls use the latest ball design, construction, and performance technologies, resulting in consistency and longer shots. The Tour B RX Golf Balls are available in various sizes to suit every player’s game.

Product Description

  • Dual dimple technology creates a more stable course, resulting in longer shots and straighter drives.
  • Reactive urethane cover constructed to keep your ball flying true for maximum distance
  • Hit & sit performance on approach shots keeps your opponents guessing where the ball will go.
  • Bridgestone Tour B RX Golf Balls have a soft, durable cover with a comfortable feel.


  • Very straight ball.
  • Great at accuracy.
  • Durable golf ball.


  • Less spin than the others.

2. TITLEIST Tour Soft Golf Ball

The Titleist Tour Soft Golf Ball design gives players a softer feel and improved accuracy. The ball is made of polyurethane, providing a softer feel and reducing the amount of noise it makes when hit. The Tour Soft Golf Ball has a low compression rate, creating more spin and longer distance.

Product Description

  • TITLEIST Tour Soft Golf Ball Longer Distance Responsive Feel Greater Short Game Control Penetrating Trajectory Consistent Flight
  • Increased distance and responsiveness for better short game control
  • The increased trajectory for greater reach and accuracy
  • Soft feel for a more consistent flight


  • Very softball.
  • Provides a premium look.
  • Great for lower swing speed.


  • It has Nothing wrong to mention.

3. TaylorMade TP5 & TP5x Golf Balls

The TaylorMade TP5 and TP5x Golf Balls are the latest models from the company. They are made with a new material that improves clubface stability and forgiveness. The balls also have a unique design that creates a more consistent flight.

Product Description

  • The TaylorMade TP5 & TP5x Golf Balls feature a larger, more reactive core for increased distance and accuracy.
  • This Dual-Spin Cover 5 Layer Construction ball has a seamless tour flight and dimple pattern to create the fastest ball speed.
  • The ball also has a higher launch for improved distance off the tee.


  • It Provides extra distance.
  • Unique design.
  • It gives you better control than the others.


  • It may take a couple of rounds to get used to.

4. Vice Golf Tour White Golf Balls 

Vice Golf Tour White Golf Balls design provides players with an enhanced ball flight and increased distance. The unique design of the VP Golf Tour White Golf Balls utilizes a softer material to help improve accuracy and clubface interaction while also providing users with a longer trajectory.

Product Description

  • 3-piece Surlyn ball construction for direct control and feedback
  • Closed alignment line for better accuracy
  • Available in white to match any golf club
  • For golfers of all levels


  • Great greenside spin.
  • Low spin-off driver’s face
  • Gives you a soft feel.


  • There is nothing negative to mention.

5. Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls’ design gives players a softer feel on each hit while maintaining their performance. The Supersoft formulation is engineered with a unique blend of materials that work together to provide exceptional ball responsiveness and forgiveness. Players can expect improved distance and accuracy when using Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls.

Product Description

  • The Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls Hybrid Cover PARALOID Impact Modifier Multi-material constructed High-Speed Soft Compression Core Higher flight provides increased distance and accuracy.
  • The cover is made of two different materials, combining soft and hard compression benefits for maximum distance.
  • The hybrid construction offers a higher-speed compression core that provides more spin and control.
  • The impact modifier helps prevent ball deflection on impact, resulting in increased accuracy.


  • 6 different colors to choose from.
  • Great ball for a slow-to-average swinger.
  • Easy to see.


  • Little bit expensive ball.

6. Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball

Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Balls have different materials and construction designs than other golf balls. The Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball comprises a proprietary, soft-sponge core wrapped in a robust, hard-walled cover. This unique construction results in a ball that flies further and straighter than any other golf ball on the market.

Product Description

  • The Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball is designed for high-velocity long-distance shots.
  • The 2-piece titanium core is super reactive and wind-cheating, giving you stability and accuracy on long shots.
  • The cut-proof cover protects your ball from scratches and damage while in play.
  • The USGA-approved ball is approved for all amateur and professional golf courses.


  • Premium golf ball.
  • It gives long & straight shots.
  • It comes at a very reasonable price.


  • Nothing wrong with saying.

7. TaylorMade Kalea Golf Balls

The TaylorMade Kalea Golf Balls have a new material known as Zircaloy. This material is said to be more durable than other golf ball materials and is also said to give the player a better feel on the clubface. The Kalea Golf Balls are also said to have a higher trajectory and longer distance than other golf balls.

Product Description

  • The TaylorMade Kalea Golf Balls are the perfect choice for golfers looking for an extra boost in power.
  • The react core maximizes distance off the tee, while the soft ionomer cover ensures a gentle feel around the greens.
  • Maintains a consistent flight throughout your round, no matter where you hit it.


  • It gives you maximum distance.
  • Very durable cover.
  • Easy to put a spin on them.


  • Hard to find.

8. Srixon Q-Star Tour 2 Golf Balls

Srixon manufactures a line of golf balls called the Q-Star Tour 2. The balls’ design improves distance and accuracy by using a new, more durable material. The ball is also said to have a lower coefficient of restitution, which means it will not fly as far off the clubface.

Product Description

  • Srixon’s Q-Star Tour 2 Golf Balls provide an energetic, penetrating flight in any wind conditions.
  • The thin urethane cover and Energetic Gradient Growth Core seamless energy transfer help the ball perform at its best.
  • The 338 Aerodynamic Speed Dimple Pattern helps the ball fly further and straighter, while the Penetrating Flight ensures it goes straight through the air.
  • Choose Srixon Q-Star Tour 2 Golf Balls to take your game to new heights!


  • Fly well, even in windy weather.
  • Well gripped ball.
  • It provides a premium look.


  • Too softball may not be everyone’s choice.

9. Bridgestone Golf e12 Contact Golf Balls

Bridgestone Golf e12 Contact Golf Balls design provides a soft feel and good response on the green. They are made with a blend of materials, including ethylene-vinyl acetate and polyurethane, for a consistent distance. The ball has a Urethane cover that helps improve your grip and prevents scuffing during play.

Product Description

  • Bridgestone Golf e12 Contact Golf Balls offer longer and straighter flights for more consistent shots.
  • This ball has a softer core for increased friction and efficient energy transfer.
  • The contact force dimple enhances the hook spin on full shots, increasing your chance of making a hole in one.
  • A more extended flight provides an even more significant advantage over your competition.


  • Different color choosing options.
  • Gives you a soft feel.
  • These balls fly far.


  • Difficult to find among the grass.

10. Titleist AVX Golf Balls

Titleist AVX golf balls design provides players with an enhanced experience on the green. AVX golf balls are ideal for players looking for increased distance and accuracy, featuring a new, malleable coverstock that provides more spin and control and an aerodynamic shape.

Product Description

  • Titleist AVX golf balls have a long-distance and increased greenside spin for more consistent shots.
  • The softer feel, low-long game, and iron spin make these balls ideal for players of all levels.
  • The redesigned high flex casing layer provides even more control and feedback.


  • Great ball for the money.
  • Great control at the greenside.
  • There are 2 different colors to choose from.


  • Low spin balls may not like everyone.


What are golf balls good for mid-handicappers?

Golf balls can be good for mid-handicappers because they allow players of all skill levels to enjoy the game. A golf ball with a lower compression allows for a more forgiving fit, which benefits those who are just starting. Also, golf balls with a softer cover tend to last longer and perform better in windy conditions.

What is consider a mid-handicap?

A mid-handicap is a player who falls within the range of average ability for a particular game but has individual strengths and weaknesses that affect their performance. Depending on their natural talents and skills, these vary from person to person.

What golf ball should a 15 handicap use?

A 15-handicap golfer should use a golf ball with a higher spin rate and lower compression. It will help them get more distance on their shots.

What golf ball should a 10 handicap use?

A 10-handicap golfer should use a slower and broader ball than a regular golf ball. This will make it easier to hit long shots and putts.

Do more expensive golf balls go further?

The Golf Industry Association (GIA) tests golf balls using a Machine Vision system. The higher the price of a golf ball, the more expensive the technology and equipment used to try it. Higher-priced golf balls typically travel further than lower-priced golf balls. Some golfers may believe this is because more costly balls have higher quality construction, which may allow them to travel further. However, there is no concrete evidence to support this belief. Additionally, some golfers may find it easier to hit cheaper balls and more likely to achieve consistent results.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a golf ball that will play well for mid-handicappers, you’ll want to consider purchasing one of the 10 best golf balls on the market. Each ball has unique features that make it worth considering, so be sure to read reviews and compare prices before making your purchase.

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